About HomeKarma

Hi and welcome to HomeKarma. 

 I began my business after a long career in education. Since being a young girl I have had an obsession with tidying and organising,  finding that my surroundings can have a huge effect on my mood. A beautiful, well organised environment can create feelings of wellbeing, peace, calm and tranquillity thus promoting happiness and productivity. We all live busy lives often juggling work, with childcare and perhaps looking after elderly relatives etc. Finding the time to tackle household chores and maintain tidiness and organisation can be difficult. This often results in the accumulation of too much 'stuff', disorganisation, difficulty cleaning, time wasted locating things ultimately creating stress. We want to spend free time catching up with friends or family not sorting out our wardrobes, kitchen cupboards or going through mountains of paperwork!

HomeKarma can help in tackling the often overwhelming tasks of de-cluttering, organising, and tidying the various parts of your home, forever!  Forever may seem a little extreme but after much reading and research I discovered the Japanese tidying and organising guru, Marie Kondo. She offers an alternative approach to the process which I have practiced and it thus inspired me to turn my passion into a business. HomeKarma can empower you with this different mindset to achieve and maintain a beautiful, efficient, home or office.

Most things begin at home and if this area of your life is in shape other elements will follow. Depending on budget and needs HomeKarma can help organise the whole house/office or a particular room/area leaving you feeling inspired, motivated and equipped with the tools to continue the process (independently or with our help) and maintain it forever.

Don't aim for perfection - A home is for living in so the space needs to work for your family's needs and my aim is to optimise the potential for a functioning space. This does not always have to mean 'minimal'.

I will not only transform your home or office into a more efficient and tranquil space, but the systems put in place will help you to maintain organisation long after the work is complete. Your peace of mind is paramount and my work will be customized to suit your individual needs and comfort level.