Why pay when I could do on my own?

We think nothing of paying for an hour in the hairdressers, maybe having a manicure or massage or a meal out. Why? Because it gives us a sense of joy and happiness. How long does that feeling last? A few hours, a few days or maybe a week. 

Having HomeKarma show you specific methods  for simplifying and organising will create a  perfect environment for you to live in, invoking the same joy and happiness and the results will last indefinitely!

How often do you tidy only to find that a few days later the clutter has accumulated again? HomeKarma methods elliminate this.

It's often a job we think we can do alone but we never get around to doing it or find time in our busy schedules and eventually the prospect becomes overwhelming.  So, why not engage some external enthusiasm and strategies using HomeKarma-a lot like booking a Personal Trainer to help you reach your goals!


Are storage solutions provided?

We can advise and suggest storage solutions during the consultation stage and if necessary source and provide some of these during the organising process.


What areas do you cover? 

HomeKarma is based in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester but will travel to most areas. Costs to cover petrol and time may incur but discussed at initial contact.


How many hours do I need to book?

This is very dependent upon the clients requirements and budget. A clear plan will be discussed during the consultation. A minimum 3hr session or a full day  can be booked as a starting point to tackle a specific area. HomeKarma works with the client showing how to simplify and organise,  leaving you with the skills to continue the process or we can do this for you. We are very flexible and work with each client on an individual basis.

 HomeKarma also offers additional ongoing maintainance  which can be booked on an hourly basis after completion.