HOMEKARMA can make every aspect of your life organised...

Let me help you achieve a living environment which you can enjoy and which enables you to function to your optimum potential

Initial consultation 

An indepth discussion to assess your requirements, aspirations and goals, creating a clear plan of action tailored to your specific needs and budget.

De-cluttering, Simplifying and Organising. 

This can cover any area from kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, children's rooms, and office to a whole house.  The process involves working with the homeowner and the consultation process will discuss this.

Home-staging/Selling a property/Moving house  

It is well documented that a clutter free, clean and tidy house has the optimum potential for selling so let HomeKarma help. A packing and staging service can be provided without the homeowner being present if no de-cluttering is required. Once you have moved, HomeKarma can inspire and assist in the unpacking and creation of an organised, well functioning space.


A major change can be very emotional and HomeKarma can help by providing a clear, focused and impartial but friendly approach to help ease the burden of house clearance/ downsizing/moving thus making the process quicker and more efficient.

Preparation for Birth of Baby 

The birth of a baby is a wonderful life changing event. HomeKarma can prepare your home or nursery ready for the arrival and post-natal consultations can also be given when there is little time to spend creating/maintaining a calming, clean and tidy environment.

Creating a Home Office 

HomeKarma can create a home office or help re-organise an already existing one, maximising potential.

Up-cycling and eBay service

Clients often find items which can be sold on  or 'up-cycled' and thus recoup costs spent on home organising. HomeKarma can assist with a variety of selling methods and up-cycling options

Paperwork and filing service 

Lost documents and paperwork can cause stress, anxiety and wasted time. HomeKarma can introduce methods of discarding unnecessary paperwork and formulating an organised system which will alleviate all these problems. Any discarded documents can be professionally shredded ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind.


This can be arranged as part of the process and discussed at the consultation stage.

Disposing of clutter 

HomeKarma try to recycle as much as possible, disposing of items at the end of the process at Charity shops, Family centres, Homeless charities etc. Those items which cannot be reused or are unfit can be taken to the tip (charges may apply).




A initial home visit consultation to assess your requirements is £20 (this is deducted from your first session charge)

Minimum 3 hour first session charge is £75

Daily Rate  £150

Additional hourly rate is £25 per hour

Travel expenses may be relevant dependant upon location