Why De-Clutter?   What can it do for me?

Create more space

Clients are often amazed how much space they do have, once the clutter is simplified and the remainder well organised. An expensive house move or extension may not be necessary!

Time management

Do you waste precious time trying to locate items; keys, documents, the perfect necklace for an outfit, child's favourite toy, a kitchen utensil etc. etc? HomeKarma will solve these problems giving you more time to live your life.

It is believed that the average person spends 40 minutes each day searching for 'things' so for every minute spent getting organised now, think how much more free time you could have doing the things you enjoy - a great return on your investment!

Free your mind

Simplifying and organising your environment can have huge benefits on mental health reducing stress. Creating a calming and peaceful environment works wonders on mental wellbeing. Once HomeKarma has helped change the way you tackle simplifying and organising that mindset can be applied to other areas of your life. A well organised, de-cluttered space can permeate into other areas of our daily lives making us more focused, productive and aligned with our true self.

Clean easy

Once organised and clutter free everything  will flow into order. The space is then much easier to clean and maintain. Cleaning becomes a simple task rather than a weekly chore. HomeKarma methods can be incorporated into everyday life.

'Letting go'

After a major  life change; separation, divorce or bereavement, having an impartial but supportive and caring person to objectively help de-clutter, organise and dispose (of the past) can enable you to 'let go', move on and begin with a clearer mindset.

Decision making

Indecisiveness, a frustrating and often stressful trait.  The de-cluttering and organising techniques learnt during the process harness the art of decision making. Having a professional Organiser to keep focus, encourage and inspire us results in decision making becoming quicker and more efficient. This can then be translated into other areas of your life. 

More efficient shopping

Once HomeKarma has helped simplify and organise, shopping can be much more focused as it becomes clear exactly what you have and what 'things' you may need, thus saving money buying duplicate items and being much more time efficient.